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HC-Pedia Entries

Abrasive (scouring) cleaners

They're great aids in deep cleaning, but be careful — don't cause damage that can only complicate future cleaning.


Granular substances that soak up stains and spills.

Acetic acid

The main active ingredient in vinegar.


That bottle of nail-polish remover has more than just one purpose.


It's helpful — and hazardous — at the same time.

Acoustic popcorn ceiling

A ceiling finish that presents a cleaning challenge.

Acoustical tile ceiling

A ceiling that absorbs sound — plus a whole lot more.

Acrylic fixture

Clean gently without abrasives.

Air cleaner

There are several different types, but these useful appliances are no substitute for good cleaning and other preventive measures.

Air filter

Forced-air heating and air-conditioning systems have filters that need regular attention.

Air watt

This standard measures the cleaning power of a vacuum cleaner.


Clean with damp cloth or sponge but don't overwet.


A solvent, degreaser and adhesive remover with many uses.


Best for removing grease and oil.

Allergen slipcover

These bedding accessories are a must for people with severe asthma or allergic sensitivity to dust mites.


An excellent degreaser, but use in a well-ventilated area.

Answering machine

Make quick work of cleaning this small appliance.

Antibacterial products

The scientific debate continues over whether antibacterial soaps, sprays and wipes may end up doing more harm than good.


These drugs are different from the agents used to fight fungi on surfaces.


What it is, and what to do — and not do — about it.


A mess that's pretty easy to clean up quickly.


ATP or Adenosine Triphosphate is the main energy transfer molecule present in all living (and once living) biological cells including animal, plant, bacterial, yeast, and mold cells.

Audio/video components

These things are dust magnets. Upkeep, thankfully, is pretty easy.

Automotive exterior

Vehicle paint is another durable, yet easily scratched surface.

Automotive interior

These tips will keep the ride pleasant for many years.


Tread lightly while cleaning these sun screens.

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