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Furnishings & Dusting: Drapes & Upholstery

Other Subcategories: Dusting, Furniture Care

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Articles, Hints & Tips

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Books & DVDs

  • Houseworks

    Cut the clutter, calm your chaos, speed your cleaning and make time for the good things in life!
  • Real Simple: Cleaning

    Room-by-room strategies for cleaning every room in your home.
  • How to Cheat at Cleaning

    Gives time-slashing techniques to save time on cleaning.
  • Cleaning Plain and Simple

    Hundreds of solutions for cleaning in and around the home, from the kitchen sink and the barbeque grill to the toilet and the car.
  • My House Is Killing Me!

    A step-by-step approach to identifying, controlling and often eliminating the sources of indoor pollutants and allergens.

Video Clips

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