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Organize Your Way to a Beautiful Interior Design

Creating a beautiful home interior requires creativity, organization and coordination to get a wonderful flow between rooms.


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You might achieve that with color or it might be found in consistency of style. Either way, tracking your interior design decisions is a good idea.


Most of us work on interior design a bit at a time. Few people can afford a whole home overhaul or an entire house of new furniture. So although you add to your home piecemeal, you don’t want it to appear that way.


Keeping a home interior or home décor binder is a great way to track the decisions you make and accumulate ideas for future projects. The binder keeps everything in one spot and is easily portable to carry with you when you are on the hunt for a paint color or bedspread.


Begin by gathering your organizing supplies. These include a 3-ring binder - a two-inch one is a good size. Add clear-pocket sheet protectors for storing samples. A pad of paper is great for jotting ideas. Use notebook dividers to create sections for each room and for future ideas.


Next, collect items that will be useful.


Paint colors: Bring home a few extra sample cards of your paint colors when you buy paint. Tuck them into a clear sheet protector. If you didn’t get a chance to do that, paint an index card, allow it to dry and add it to your binder. On the back of the card, jot down the paint color and brand.

Wallpaper:If you are adding wallpaper or border, use a scrap piece to add to the notebook. If you are adding a vinyl decal, you can add the photo from the front of the decal package.

Furniture: If your furniture is from a major retailer, you may find it online. If so, you can print out the online sheet with measurements and the photo of the piece. Or, you can snap a photo and take the measurements to add to the binder. When you do buy new furniture, this binder is a great place to tuck the care instruction tag that you clip off the furniture.

Rugs: Many throw or area rugs come complete with a photo tag. This helps the retailer know that the right tag is presented with the correct rug. This is handy for your notebook as you can easily add the tag with photo and measurements to your binder.

Fabric samples: If you are making curtains or throw pillows or covering a chair, tuck a bit of left over fabric into your clear pocket sheet protector.

Room design: I’ll often sketch out a room or use a free online program. It is easy to try new furniture arrangements this way. Saving these in the notebook is a great idea as it incorporates room measurements as well as furniture sizes.

New ideas: It’s all the rage to pin your ideas to Pinterest. That’s great for online content. But, if you see ideas in magazines or newspapers, your binder is a great spot to hold them until you are ready to give them a try.

As you head to the store to hunt for the perfect accessory, you’ll love having all your colors and sizes with you. It’s a great way to save return trips to the store and to make smart decisions to get the seamless beautiful décor you desire.

Organize Your Way to a Beautiful Interior Design:  Created on August 19th, 2013.  Last Modified on January 21st, 2014


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