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Feces is also known as stool or excrement. When cleaning up pet areas, restrooms or infant and elderly areas, avoid delaying cleanup of feces. This only increases the chances of a permanent stain or persistent odor and associated health risks.


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Here are the proper steps for removing excrement from a carpet or fabric surface:

Solid stools:
Put on rubber or latex gloves, pick up the stool with a plastic bag, secure tightly and discard in the trash, or flush the stool (but not any plastic) down the toilet. Disinfect the site or apply an enzyme-containing pet-accident product, if needed, which can be found in pet supply stores, retail stores or janitorial goods suppliers. Follow all label instructions carefully for best results. Blot the area thoroughly with moistened white paper towels (ink may bleed from colored or decorated towels, complicating cleaning), and then blot dry, also using white paper towels. Be gentle when applying cleaning solution or removing it. Applying product or drying it too aggressively will drive moisture, chemicals and fecal matter deeper into the fibers, which can result in ineffective cleaning as well as resoiling.
Diarrhea: Put on rubber or latex gloves and, using paper towels, soak up as much waste as possible. Have a plastic trash bag at hand to dispose of soiled paper towels immediately. Spray an appropriate cleaning product containing digesters or enzymes on the site, then blot to remove the major soil, following all label instructions carefully. Reapply as needed, then be prepared to allow the product to work for several hours — even overnight, if necessary. Depending on the instructions, you may need to follow up by disinfecting the spot. Don’t use household bleach as a disinfectant. Bleach will permanently remove color from almost all fabrics. Use white paper towels as instructed above to blot the area until dry.


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