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Rubber gloves

Wear rubber gloves — more accurately called protective gloves — during some cleaning jobs to keep your hands (and, sometimes, forearms) safe from bacteria, spores or caustic chemicals. In certain instances, they also aid safety by increasing your grip on slippery objects.


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Latex gloves may be either reusable or disposable “surgical gloves.” These gloves are well suited in disinfecting chores to protect skin from wastes and bacteria, as well as the chemicals in disinfectants and strong cleaners.


Caustic acids and alkalies, such as oven-cleaning products, call for stronger protection. If you’re using any such chemical, use a pair of reinforced rubber or neoprene gloves to protect your skin.

Rubber gloves:  Created on November 3rd, 2009.  Last Modified on July 5th, 2010


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