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Litter-Robot II Review

By HC Staff

The Litter-Robot is an automatic, self-cleaning litter box. It features a large globe top with entry for the cats and a base for collecting and emptying waste. After the cat leaves the globe, the Litter-Robot counts down seven minutes. Then the globe slowly rotates until the waste is sifted from the cat litter and drops into the collection base below. The globe then rotates back into its original position (see video for demonstration).


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  • Easy to empty, large litter bin
  • Easy to assemble
  • Low maintenance
  • Doesn't require special bags or receptacles
  • Works with regular and some alternative cat litters
  • Non-jamming grate
  • Uses less cat litter
  • Quiet operation



  • Taller than most litter boxes
  • Can't be used for cats under 5 lbs.
  • May scare some cats
  • Initially expensive


We placed the Litter-Robot in a utility room and had four cats test it out. Three of the cats adjusted quickly to using the Litter-Robot. The fourth elderly cat did not use it for over a week but after we persisted in getting her used to the device, she adjusted to using it as well.


In our testing, we found quite a few advantages to the Litter-Robot. One, was its ability to use a variety of clumping, scoopable litters as well as other alternative litters (the manufacturer cites Litter Pearls, Crystals, or World's Best Cat Litter as examples). We appreciated the roomy bin size to hold fairly large amounts of waste and its ability to be lined with regular kitchen trash bags and even plastic grocery bags, rather than expensive receptacles.

Even though the base is designed to prevent mold growth and prevent odors, the manufacturer recommends it be emptied at least once a week. (Note: Pregnant woman should avoid emptying the litter box due to the risk of toxoplasmosis. More information can be found here .) We found that with at least three cats using it, it required emptying every couple days or about three times a week.


Litter Robot 2

The Litter-Robot requires only a small amount of cat litter to work in comparison to a regular litter box, which may save users money on purchasing cat litter. The unit came easy to assemble and is low maintenance. Operation is also much quieter than other automated litter boxes we have tested.


There were a few disadvantages we found to using the Litter-Robot. One, it takes up more vertical space than a traditional litter box. Second, small cats under five pounds can't use the Litter-Robot since their weight won't activate the sensor step. Third, as with most automatic litter boxes, its automatic mechanism may take cats a while to get used to or may scare cats from using it at all. Lastly, it's initially expensive price may cause some to hesitate to make such an inves

Update: November 5, 2012


The Litter-Robot II is still in use and running smoothly. However, we did have one problem after a couple months of use. The fuzzy seal around the Litter-Robot globe kept slipping out of place (despite attempts to glue it back in) resulting in an awful sound when the globe rotated and sometimes even causing the rotation to completely stop. After reporting the problem, the company sent us a new, updated base that now works satisfactorily and without any kinks. The updated base is now standard on any new Litter-Robots produced.



In addition to the Litter-Robot unit itself, we tested a few of the optional accessories that you can purchase. We found that the LR2 Lip Extender was helpful keeping waste and misfire from going outside the globe. We also tested the LR2 Ramp, which slides under the sensor step making it easier for cats to enter the globe. We found it worked well in that capacity. It also worked well in its other uses as a scratching pad and a place to catch litter that escapes when cats exit the Litter-Robot.

Overall, we think the Litter-Robot is a great option for those looking to save time and effort from litter box scooping. Its flexible design will appeal to those looking for an automatic litter box that accommodates use by multiple cats.

This review was originally published in the former “Reviews” section of Housekeeping Channel on February 10, 2010.

(Note: The views expressed in this blog post are those of the author, and do not necessarily represent those of The Housekeeping Channel, LLC.)

Litter-Robot II Review:  Created on November 6th, 2012.  Last Modified on November 12th, 2012