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Maid to Order (How to hire a cleaning service)

By Jo Marks Rifkin

Many people recognize "they can’t do it all" and so look for a maid service to clean their homes. What should one look for when hiring a service? Number one on the list is a trustworthy company. How do you find a cleaning service you can trust? The following is a checklist to ensure you of the best in home cleaning care:

  • Make certain the company is bonded and protects you. Should a theft occur, a bonded company can resolve the issue.


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  • The company must be insured. Then you need not worry if a maid slips and falls on a wet bathroom floor. Who knows if your homeowner’s policy will cover it?

  • Does the maid service hire honest employees? Are they dependable? Make certain the company is reliable. Ask for a work history and references. Ask if the service has checked its employees’ references and if the maids are legal residents.

  • Have the maids gone through a company training program? What are their cleaning procedures when they arrive at your home?

  • Does the cleaning service have good customer service? Can you contact someone in the office during the day if need be?

  • Is the service backed by a written guarantee? If you are not satisfied, will they send someone back to your home to complete any unsatisfactory work?

  • Does the service provide cleaning supplies and equipment? Check it out before you hire a service.
Maid to Order (How to hire a cleaning service):  Created on August 14th, 2004.  Last Modified on January 21st, 2014