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Repelling Rodents


Recent independent consumer market research shows that half of all homeowners believe rodents, such as mice and rats, present a disease threat to their family, according to National Pest Management Association (NPMA).


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“These homeowners are absolutely correct. Rodents are known to carry and spread as many as 200 human pathogens, making them a very real threat to the health of American families,” said NPMA public affairs director, Cindy Mannes.


Besides spreading disease and bringing parasites such as fleas, mites and lice into your home, rodents can cause extensive damage. They are known for chewing through wiring and wallboard.


Fortunately, there are steps homeowners can take to prevent these pests from invading their homes. The NPMA offers five tips for homeowners:


  1. To keep mice and other rodents out, make sure that all holes larger than a pencil in diameter are sealed.

  2. Seal any cracks and voids.

  3. Don’t overlook proper drainage at the foundation and always install gutters or diverts which will channel water away from the building.

  4. If you find rodents in your home, knowing when to call an expert is important. Mice, for example, can produce 2,500 babies in six months.

  5. Call a local pest control professional to identify the species and control the rodents using an Integrated Pest Management (IPM) approach.

“Seeking out hiding places of rodents and precisely targeting control efforts requires a knowledgeable and technically trained specialist,” commented Mannes. “A pest control professional has the training, experience and tools necessary to assure protection against such destructive pests.”



Repelling Rodents:  Created on November 10th, 2006.  Last Modified on January 21st, 2014


About NPMA

The National Pest Management Association (NPMA), a non-profit organization with more than 5,000 members, was established in 1933 to support the pest management industry’s commitment to the protection of public health, food and property, reflected both in the continuing education of the pest professional and the dissemination of timely information to homeowners.


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