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Tidy Tips

Daily cleaning consists of all the routine, daily chores we have to do in our home just to keep it tidy. These tasks are washing the dishes, making the beds, doing the laundry, picking up the clothes, sorting the junk mail and collecting up all the things that get strewn about the house during the course of the average day.


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Quick tips:

  • Running a sink full of hot soapy dishwater and letting the dishes soak for a minute before putting them in the dishwasher can eliminate scrubbing.

  • Hanging a shelf and hooks in the garage for shoes, coats, backpacks and briefcases can help keep all those things in one organized place, instead of strewn throughout your house.

  • Organizing your home and having a “place” for everything to go (so things don’t end up stacked and piled everywhere) can cut your cleaning time in half.

  • Giving children a 10-minute “pick-up time” each morning (to make their beds, pick up the clothes in their rooms, etc.) can eliminate the “disaster zone phenomenon” you have to deal with every weekend.

Excerpted from Laura Dellutri’s Speed Cleaning 101: Cut Your Cleaning Time in Half! For more information, visit

Tidy Tips:  Created on November 13th, 2003.  Last Modified on January 21st, 2014


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Laura DellutriLaura Dellutri, The Healthy Housekeeper, is an author, cleaning expert, speed cleaning consultant, radio and television personality, and entrepreneur and owner of the professional janitorial firm America's Cleaning. For more information, visit