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Turning Laundry on Its Side


One of the most-used, but under-thought rooms in the home is getting more attention these days. The utility room was once a drab, dingy place most commonly found in a basement or garage. Now homeowners are building creative spaces that capitalize on the latest laundry innovations and address the specific needs of the individual family.


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"The Clothing Doctor," laundry expert and author of The Ultimate Guide to Shopping and Caring for Clothing, Steve Boorstein, says creating a functional utility room starts with the appliances. Investing in the right tools for the job will save you money and wear and tear on your wardrobe in the years ahead.

"A washer/dryer may last you for up to 15 years," Boorstein says "You'll want to understand the benefits and features, which include soil and stain removal, load capacity, water efficiency and respect for the fabric's original condition."

To help people better understand the benefits of front-load washers, Boorstein shares the following:

Economics: A front loader saves about $150 per year in energy and water savings. Because the front loader rotates in a tumble action on an "H-axis," the water only needs to fill enough to coat the clothing in a "puddle" rather than filling a whole tub.

Cleaning Power: In a front-load machine, laundry detergent dissolves in about five gallons of water rather than the 20 gallons of water per load used in a top-loading machine. The result is better success with soil and stain removal.

Capacity: The spacious interior of the front-load machine decreases the number of loads and overall time spent doing the laundry. The maximized space now allows consumers to wash a wider range of household products, such as comforters, sleeping bags and throw rugs, which formerly had to be sent to the dry cleaners.

Gentleness: With the tumble action of a front-load washer, your clothes experience less abrasion than a traditional agitator, so the clothing fibers last longer and show less wear and tear.



Turning Laundry on Its Side:  Created on July 6th, 2005.  Last Modified on January 21st, 2014