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Tips to Cut Your House Cleaning Time in Half

By Bill Griffin

Tips to cut your house cleaning time in half:


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  1. Prevention is the key. If you don’t make a mess, you don’t have one to clean up.

  2. Get others involved. Everyone in the home should have a room or area of responsibility. Establish rules, policies and expectations or don’t complain when you get stuck with all the dirty work.

  3. Leave your shoes at the door. Keep the soil outside your home. 80% of the soil in your house gets tracked in by occupants and pets. Keep the sidewalk and garage floor clean (sweep and hose clean at least once per month).

  4. Place walk off mats at all entrances to the home and at kitchen doors. (Vacuum all mats at least twice weekly and wash or deep clean twice monthly).

  5. Have your carpets cleaned professionally at least twice per year; upholstery and draperies once per year. (Use a Clean Trust certified firm and a technician that uses truck mounted hot water extraction equipment.)

  6. Remove soil; don’t just spread it around so you can’t see it. Use damp cleaning techniques and a vacuum cleaner.

  7. Use a cleaning caddy or apron. This allows you to keep everything in one place and have it handy as you clean each room; which means less walking and more cleaning gets done.

  8. Work in a circle and top to bottom. Start at the door to each room and work your way around the room - cleaning top to bottom as you go; this way there is less chance you will miss something and it’s the most efficient way to clean tables, walls, floors or a room, a home or an office building.

  9. Vacuum the high traffic areas twice per week, and vacuum wall to wall, including under and behind items twice per month. Clean where the dirt is: catch it at the door which is much faster and easier than looking for it all over the house.

 10. Use a vacuum cleaner with a high efficiency or HEPA filter on carpets, upholstery and draperies.

 11. Use professional chemicals, apply and allow to dwell (sit) per the label instructions, then clean.

 12. Use a disinfectant cleaner in the bathroom and kitchen, apply and allow to dwell (sit) 7-10 minutes before cleaning.

 13. Use a white scrubbing pad, not green, black or blue as they can scratch surfaces. Use liquid cleanser and a white pad or brush (but not the same one) in sinks, tubs, and toilets.

 14. Remove carpet spots immediately; the longer they sit, the more likely they will become a permanent stain.

 15. If you have pets, give them a bath once a month and keep them in a designated area.

 16. Wear rubber or latex gloves to protect your hands. Wash and apply lotion to your hands when you’re done cleaning.



Tips to Cut Your House Cleaning Time in Half:  Created on October 10th, 2004.  Last Modified on January 21st, 2014