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Laundry Day Tips

When you begin to launder your clothes, start filling your machine with water (those with front loading machines, please ignore this) and add your laundry soap as it fills. Swirl the soap around before adding your clothes. Soap must dissolve completely before it can clean your clothes.


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For a safer alternative to chlorine bleach, use hydrogen peroxide. The powdered bleaches that say "safe for colored clothes" usually are peroxide based; check the label. Otherwise you can find 20% peroxide at medical supply stores. Use 1/3 cup of 20% peroxide per load of laundry or one cup of 3% peroxide. If your whites are dingy, let the clothes soak for 30 minutes in the peroxide and laundry detergent before washing.

Never fill a washer completely full with clothes. Clothes clean in part by the friction caused when they rub together. If they are tightly packed, they cannot agitate properly to come clean.

Remember to check pockets before you put pants or shirts in the washer and post a note on the washer to remind other members of your family. Once clothing has gone through the dryer, stains may be permanently set. Prevent pilling in sweaters by putting them in a pillowcase and tying the end with string.

Use a pipe cleaner to clean the ports in your iron. Always use distilled water in an iron to prevent mineral buildup. If you see pieces of debris coming out the ports when you spray, pour a tablespoon of white vinegar in the iron and fill with water. Turn the iron on "steam" and steam it over the sink until the water is gone. Clean the bottom of an iron by pouring ammonia on a damp washcloth and ironing over it. Rinse the surface after the iron cools. Turn on a fan so you don't breathe the fumes.


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