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Why False Alarms Should Not Be Alarming

By HC Staff

If you’ve ever had a house alarm, and you’ve heard it go off unexpectedly, it was probably just a fluke – maybe you set the alarm and then someone else in your house opened the door to throw something in the recycling bin without first deactivating the alarm. It’s not an uncommon mistake. Yet if this has ever happened to you, you were no doubt startled by the alarm, and noticed how disruptively loud and sudden it was. A house alarm is usually a piercing and invasive noise that comes about with no warning, and it can be quite annoying to hear. But, if you’ve ever heard your alarm and been annoyed by it, or startled by it, did you happen to consider how much more startling it would be for an actual intruder?


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This is the most significant benefit of the house alarm systems offered by alarm companies. If a door or window is opened after the alarm has been set – if you’ve set it to leave your home, or to go to sleep at night – the intruder will be met with that same sudden, loud noise that you may have heard before. For somebody already committing a crime and sneaking around where he or she should not be, this noise is likely beyond startling – it is a warning to leave, fast. This is because not only does the alarm alert anyone inside the house to the fact that their home may be being invaded, but in most cases, alarms also signal an automatic notification to the closest authorities that there has been a break in. Usually, if a correct code or identification isn’t entered into the system within a very brief amount of time (usually thirty seconds to a minute) after the alarm goes off, the authorities will either call to make sure everything is ok, or simply be on their way to the home. A house alarm, therefore, can go a long way toward turning back a potential intruder or criminal.


Advanced home alarm systems also come with additional security benefits, such as motion sensors, cameras, or even additional locks on your door. Many home doors only have locks built into doorknobs, or something similar; a home security company can add a deadbolt lock in the door, or even a chain lock on the side of the door. All of these security additions can come together to make your home a safer place for you and your loved ones. It often simply isn’t worth a criminal’s risk or effort to try to break through a well-fortified security system.


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Why False Alarms Should Not Be Alarming:  Created on June 7th, 2011.  Last Modified on June 13th, 2011