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September Signals a Change in Seasons

By HC Staff

This month at the Housekeeping Channel blog, we’re going to finally tame the laundry monster. (Do you think we can train him to fold fitted sheets?) But we’re not just going to be talking about washing and drying. Before the dirty-clothes pile can get whittled down to a manageable load, we need to declutter our closets. Next week we’ll look at tips for storing out-of-season clothes. And then, who knows? We might even be able to earn a little shoe money from our closets. Finally, when we’ve gotten rid of everything we don’t need, then we’ll talk laundry.


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But first, let’s tackle the Big One.

Decluttering the closet can feel like a monumental chore but like any job, breaking it down into smaller tasks will help immensely. And like other jobs you don’t want to do, giving yourself a reward for finishing it will help keep you motivated. Here are a few inherent rewards:

  • The feeling of having a clean, organized closet.
  • Always being able to find what you’re looking for.
  • Fewer clothes = less laundry.
  • Saving money by knowing exactly what to shop for

The IEHA has some really practical tips for Decluttering Your Closet.

In Closet Control Freak, Tara Aronson explains how to save time and rejuvenate your wardrobe by streamlining your closet.

Once your closet is organized, try to think ahead. What’s likely to be the biggest clutter-catcher? Be proactive about finding a solution. For example, leave some free space for new items you might purchase, remembering purses and bags, shoes, and accessories.

And here’s a hint: The easier it is to access your shoe storage, the more likely it is you’ll put them where they belong rather than just kicking them off your feet at the end of the day.

More Resources:
8 Steps to Organize Your Closet Space for planning and purchasing a closet organizer.


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September Signals a Change in Seasons:  Created on September 7th, 2010.  Last Modified on June 12th, 2014