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Basic Housekeeping - Window Cleaning

By HC Staff

Of course you want your windows to look clean and clear, but did you know keeping them sparkling saves money, too? Thank the sun for its generous donation of solar-powered energy, which beams through clean windows and heats your home for free — especially appreciated when the frost is on the pumpkin. Here's how to keep it simple:


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Not only for use at the gas station, squeegees really are best for eliminating streaks. Assemble your squeegee, a sponge or other applicator (a window wand or "strip washer" is best), a solution of water with a small amount of dish detergent or ammonia in a bucket, and you’re set to go.

Paint or adhesive stuck on your windows? Carefully employ a small razor blade. Wash glass, leaving plenty of wetness for lubrication. Then scrape the material in one direction only: scraping back and forth lodges debris between blade and glass and can scratch the slick, shiny surface. Use this method to eliminate old parking permits or decals from your car's windshields.

You’ve cleaned the glass, so now turn your attention to the frame and wipe it too. Your portable vacuum with a crevice tool sucks away bugs, dirt and other unwanted matter from window grooves. While you’re at it, why not wax the metal grooves to make sure they operate smoothly (rub a paraffin candle down the track), without sticking? Call it "total window therapy."


Although it’s not something you would do every week, you should revisit your windows’ overall condition at least twice a year. Read more time-tested tips on easily cleaning your windows here on

Basic Housekeeping - Window Cleaning:  Created on December 13th, 2005.  Last Modified on January 21st, 2014