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Treat Your Rug Right


Here's news you won't want to sweep under the rug. Thanks to the increase in hard surface flooring, area rugs are more popular than ever. If you've purchased a high quality area rug for your home, you may wonder how to protect your investment and maintain its beauty.


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The nonprofit Clean Trust offers these tips for keeping your rugs looking like new:


  • Vacuum rugs on a regular basis. Fringe should be hand-vacuumed only.

  • When spills occur, scoop or blot up the excess. Then dilute the area with water and blot, don't rub.

  • Ideally, rugs should be removed from the home or office to be professionally cleaned.

  • Rotate your rugs once a year to ensure even wear.

How often should your rug be professionally cleaned? The answer depends on its location in your home. Does it get heavy foot traffic? Are there any pets?

To locate a Clean Trust-Certified Firm specializing in rug cleaning, visit or call (800) 835-4624.

Rugs may not live in a vacuum, but they will look a lot better after they've been under one.



Treat Your Rug Right:  Created on March 31st, 2005.  Last Modified on January 21st, 2014